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Train Like A Boxer-- there's something special about boxing and boxers. Let's face it - you're here because there's something about the idea of boxing that has you. Welcome to the club!

LUCKY PUNCH Boxing & Fitness provides boxing Training for all lEvels of fitness needs - if you're looking to shed some pounds and get into shape or if you're looking to compete in amateur Matches we can provide the training you need.

Lucky Punch also offers unique and specialized non-contact boxing programs like Rock Steady Boxing (Parkinson's Boxing) and Autism & Special Needs Boxing.

Contact or non-contact. Parkinson's or non-Parkinson's - To Train Like A Boxer will get you into the greatest shape of your life - and to Train Like A Boxer is not only a physical undertaking - it's a spiritual and mental endeavor.  Boxing, in all it's forms - shadow boxing, bag work, Foot work, mitt work, sparring, fighting - all of it - is a form of kinetic meditation and simply put ... it's really fun!

Come answer the bell - if you're looking to have some fun, burn major calories and shed stress - if you're looking to break the rut of your regular workout routine, or add a new quality of fitness to your life -- or if you're looking to develop, hone and improve your boxing skills - then come Train Like A Boxer - Lets wrap your hands and go


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