Train Like A Boxer​ - 

LUCKY PUNCH Boxing & Fitness provides boxing Training for all lEvels of fitness and Fitness needs - if you're looking to shed some pounds, have some fun and get into Incredible shape or if you're looking to take your boxing to the next level and learn to spar and/or compete in amateur Matches - Lucky Punch Boxing can provide the training you need.

Lucky Punch also offers unique and specialized non-contact boxing programs like our Parkinson's Boxing -  Rock Steady Boxing and our one of a kind boxing program for adults/children with Autism & Special Needs -  Monkey Business Boxing

Contact or non-contact - To Train Like A Boxer will get you into the greatest shape of your life - both physically and Mentally!

Come answer the bell - have some fun, burn major calories and shed stress - Come break out of the rut of your regular workout routine and add a new quality of fitness to your life --

come Try Lucky Punch Boxing - Lets wrap your hands and go!