It’s Playtime for Adults while getting into Phenomenal Shape

This all started innocently enough - I wanted to move like a monkey - and wound up here.

Here's the 5 cent version of what we do:

-Animal Flow
-Miscellaneous Functional and Natural Movement Drills

The first and most obvious question is what is Animal Flow? Creator Mike Fitch explains it this way -- "Animal Flow is an innovative fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement." 

Simply put - Animal Flow will enhance and improve your movement – as a boxer, an MMA Fighter, a student or a mother of 3 - you will benefit from Animal Flow and Natural Movement themed workouts.

If you’re picturing a gorilla beautifully doing rolls and Yoga, then you’re pretty close – according to "Animal Flow for Fighting" -- "at the heart of Animal Flow are the principles of whole-body full range of motion training which requires simultaneous strength, control, fluidity and movement - all creating heightened body awareness - and these will provide crucial for the MMA Fighter's (and boxer's) physical preparation." 

This is a really cool link (click here) that quickly explains Natural Movements Training and Animal Flow.

Here, we are presented with the training philosophy that the body knows only movements, not muscles. What we will do here for the next few weeks is a practice where we train combat (boxing/MMA) movements, and spend time exploring and solving movement puzzles.


My foundation began with Martial Arts, then I fell (and remain) head over heels in love with boxing. As I played with different techniques and movements in boxing I found certain movements that I just really dug. It felt right and then I would physically crave those movements. This took me to two roads - one was a path of the physical side of Autism - building off of stimming and certain movement patterns and how boxing can transport and focus some of that movement (and energy) through the practicioner and into the sport/excersize.

The other road led me to Connor McGregor and Ido Portal, MovNat, AMN and Animal Flow.

I loved what I saw McGregor and Portal doing - and how it added amazing and unpredictable fluidity to Connor's movement and style. When it came to "Combat/Fighting" I knew that there was a benefit in practicing other disciplines of movement to better your primary movement discipline - and as I said - I just wanted to be able to move like a monkey and I knew that there was something here that I had to investigate.

I studied a bit of Ido Portal, took a fun MovNat training class, got certified in AMN (Applied Movement Neurology) and became a certified trainer of Animal Flow and slowly started practicing some of the techniques and principles - and wanted to have a place and forum to practice - and so the birth of Lucky Punch's Atomic Gorilla Movement Academy.

For the past several months we have introduced elements of the program with some of our Parkinson's boxers and special needs classes and we will be working with other disciplines in a seminar format at some point in 2019.

Classes are currently being done somewhat on the fly and as a pop up. I'm hoping to get in on a schedule at some point in the next few months.

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information - call or text 508-393-4763 or email me through the 'contact us page' here or send me a note at