A boxing program for autism and special needs - lucky Punch Boxing Presents - 

Monkey Business Boxing

Boxing isn’t all about fighting - boxing training provides a very unique platform for children with autism to battle their symptoms and even use them to their advantage as they get some exercise and have some fun. If nothing else a boxing environment or gym would provide a sensory seeking dream for the children and they would thoroughly enjoy punching a bag, running around and letting off some steam.

Getting your kids off the ipads and getting them active is important - boxing training is great exercise and boxing in particular gives children confidence and helps focus them as well as helps children to sleep better, improves reaction time and memory. Not to mention it is a great way to keep your children fit and healthy and to have some fun with other kids.

Parents of children with autism will know that generally autistic people have slower reaction times, have irregular sleeping patterns and can suffer from stress/anxiety especially in social situations - Lucky Punch Autism Boxing Classes are designed to help with and can focus the stress and anxiety into boxing and fitness.

in my own experience I find boxing techniques and movements offer a comfortable and natural affinity to any existing stereotypies - I feel with autistic children/teens that they actually have a better physical understanding of managing or creating kinetic patterns (in this case boxing techniques) - and boxing can just "feel right" to some ... and simply put - in the end who doesn't like punching a heavybag!

Lucky Punch Boxing & Fitness offers a truly unique and fun Monkey Business Boxing curriculum – a non contact boxing program that has been specifically designed to include:

  • ​​30 to 45 minute classes.
  • Stretching & warm up exercises.
  • Fun Monkey Flow movements inspired by Animal Flow.
  • Instruction on proper stance, body positioning and punching technique.
  • Punches in bunches on the heavy bags, shields and punch mitts.
  • Boxing conditioning work - jumping rope, pushups and lots of ab work!
  • Partner and teamwork drills.Plenty of laughs and jokes along the way.

Every week your child will learn a new boxing training technique and be put to work work work. Make sure you pack some water because they’re going to need it!

Classes are currently available in Lexington, Needham and Newton. the Lexington Classes are currently running with/through cooperation from the LABBB Program. The Needham Program is through Confidence Connection and the Newton Program is through The LEarning Prep.

there is an absolute need for this program to expand into other towns - we could use your help to get your school district onboard - if it's not in your area let's make it happen!

Volunteers are welcome and parents are encouraged to participate

Lucky Punch also offers private and small group Autism and Special Needs classes at various gyms - please feel free to contact Todd Paris for more information or to answer any and all questions you may have.