I know how nerve-racking and scary it can be to consider the idea of trying boxing. Here's the fist piece of good news - you don't have to fight or get punched in the face (unless you really want to) - you can still train like a boxer in a fun and safe environment.

Training in either a one on one sessions or group classes we can go over the basics - starting with the stance, moving into punches, head movement, footwork and defense. You can get that boxing 101 time under your belt and nothing is better than learning and practicing the basics.

You don't need any experience or to be in fighting shape. Let me repeat that - you don't need any experience, and you don't need to be in fighting shape!  First and foremost I want you to have fun as well as being safe - this is where you're supposed to come to get into shape and to gain experience.

No punches in the face -- As we begin you won't need to worry about that punch in the face as there is no real contact - no competitive sparring or fighting in the beginning. It's there later if you want it or if you're curious, but not in the beginning.

If you’re still unsure or nervous about trying boxing training for fear of injury, what you see as your conditioning level, you've never seen any of the Rocky movies or really for any other reason, then Lucky Punch Beginners Boxing is absolutely for you.


Step 1: Conditioning
We'll go at your pace. You'll do traditional boxing conditioning work from jumping rope, light weight work, to chasing chickens ... we have some bad ass chickens

Step 2: Learning the Basics
Good basics, sound fundamentals are what makes a great boxer great. We'll go over the stance, the punches and how to move, then cover head movement, foot work and defense.

Step 3: Discover and Uncover the type of boxer you are - your style
Here's where we'll discover what style of boxing fits you best - how does your natural movement translate in the Sweet Science - are you more Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Samantha Singer or Allie Lawler? -- let's find out!