So you're thinking about getting started in MMA, but you have no idea where or how to start? Or you keep telling yourself I'll start boxing, or practicing Jiu Jitsu once I'm in better shape and you've had that same conversation with yourself longer than you care to admit. Maybe you're just looking for something fun and challenging without wanting contact or competition ... well, whatever the case may be, it's here:

gateway to mma

This is your great first step into combat sport training. Think of it as your prerequisite time or intro class into the world of Mixed Martial Arts -- there's no fighting, no sparring, no contact - it's learning and practicing the different modalities of the movements and shapes of Mixed Martial Arts.

Our training philosophy is largely based on the idea that the body knows mostly movements, not muscles. What we will do here is a practice where we begin to train combat (boxing/MMA) movements, and spend time exploring and solving movement puzzles.

gateway to mma likes to combinine boxing training with the Animal Flow system and natural movement training which creates a truly unique and fun way to experiencing the art of play through the sweet science while getting into absolutely phenomenal shape.

gateway to mma will enhance and improve your movement – as a boxer, a BJJ practitioner, a high school student, a mother of 3, a Yoga student or an MMA fighter - you will benefit from our boxing meets Natural Movement themed workouts. If you’re picturing a gorilla beautifully performing ballet and smashing a heavy bag, then you’re pretty close.


On the physical side - boxers are one of the most well conditioned athletes in all of sports. There's a cool study done by a panel of experts that were gathered to determine which athletes were the best conditioned athletes in all of sports - here are their findings:

We sized them up. We measured them, top to bottom. We've done our own Tale of the Tape, and we've come to a surprising conclusion. Pound for pound, the toughest sport in the world is . . .Boxing.”
-ESPN (full story here)

As for Animal Flow and Natural Movement training -
this is a really good link that quickly explains Natural Movements training and Animal Flow. 


Beginning any type of training is always nerve-racking - keep in mind gateway to mma is just the beginning of your Mixed Martial Arts investigation. While the class is a 101 type of environment that doesn't mean that a seasoned combat sport veteran won't get anything out of it. You guys know the value of simple fundamentals and the excitement of learning.
As with all Lucky Punch Boxing program NAME OF PROGRAM will include:

  • Stretching & warm up exercises.
  • Instruction on proper boxing fundamentals - stance, body positioning and punching technique.
  • Combat Sport conditioning work - jumping rope, push ups and lots of ab work!
  • Animal Flow and other non-traditional movement specialties.
  • Partner and teamwork drills.

That's a lot of information to digest - most importantly please know that Gateway to MMA is a fun and safe way to explore this whole idea of Mixed Martial Arts training - you might meet a gorilla here, but c'mon he wears bunny ears

4 Pack of classes = $80
8 pack of classes = $150

5 Pack of classes = $425
10 pack of classes = $800