Lucky Punch Boxing & Fitness is proud to present:


A one of a kind non-contact boxing program specifically designed for basketball students as a compliment to their training that will make significant improvements to every aspect of their game.

Our unique program focuses on the art of play through the practice of the sweet science. We focus on footwork, hand-eye coordination, unconventional movement specialties that improve the fundamentals and play of basketball, and of course Lucky Punch's Hook Shots is one of the best ways to get into great shape and maintain a superior level of fitness.

On the physical side - boxers are one of the most well conditioned athletes in all of sports. A panel of experts were gathered to determine which athletes were the best conditioned athletes in all of sports - here's their findings:

“We sized them up. We measured them, top to bottom. We've done our own Tale of the Tape, and we've come to a surprising conclusion. Pound for pound, the toughest sport in the world is . . .Boxing.”
ESPN (full story here)

Boxing isn’t all about fighting – it’s a key way to learn discipline, self control and self confidence (physically and mentally) - it's an incredible way to put into practice the act and art of overcoming adversity - which is a must have skill in the ring, on the court and in life.

Hook Shots is a truly unique and fun boxing to buckets program that has been specifically designed to include:

  • Stretching & warm up exercises.
  • Instruction on proper stance, body positioning, punching technique and footwork.
  • Boxing conditioning work - jumping rope, push ups and lots of ab work!
  • Animal Flow and other non-traditional movement modality specialties.
  • Partner and teamwork drills.

Those are just some of the highlights of what the program has to offer. So how do we go from here to kick things off?

Clearly we are in some unprecedented times right now. We're just at the beginning of navigating our way into reopening businesses, public areas and just getting back to life. It's totally understood how planning this type of activity has some challenges, but it's definitely workable.

At the time of writing this Governor Baker has set a 4 phase plan in place to opening up Massachusetts (here's some of the highlights) - gyms are part of phase 3 - which, if everything goes safely and well, could be around June 22 or so. Parks, outdoor courts and even parking lots look to be part of phase 2 and some are even opening up now. Either way this would make a nice Summer addition to players off season conditioning work.

Hook Shots can be run as a full team group, as a one one training or with 3 or 5 players are looking for some training to do over the Summer independently of school and the team.

Hook Shots is a unique and carefully designed non-contact boxing program specifically tailored to help compliment and build on basketball skills and performance.

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  • 1 class = $20
  • 4 Pack of classes = $40
  • 8 pack of classes = $80


  • 1 session = $100
  • 5 Pack of classes = $425
  • 10 pack of classes = $800

*** you can chose one or two sessions or Classes that run for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 Weeks and 8 weeks ***