Here's a fun article about an intro to Sparring class I do

Fighting Back Against Parkinson's - My tv appearance for Rock Steady Boxing at Boston Boxing & Fitness

See the link above for a boxing charity event I'm deeply involved with - (that's me at about 2:05)

It was love at first sound - that ‘fwip fwap’ a jump rope makes as it quickly slaps the floor and swings over your head.

That was all it took for me to fall in love with boxing.

I began a Martial Arts practice at age 18 and continued it all through college. I was a Philosophy Major with a concentration on Eastern Philosophy

and was completely hooked on Zen Buddhism and how it related to the Samurai.. After a leg injury I turned to Tai Chi and Yoga, but something was missing, so I thought I'd give boxing a try.

As a young and somewhat arrogant self-proclaimed ‘Martial Artist’ I considered boxing to be barbaric, unsophisticated, and possessing nowhere near the same spiritually enlightened quality that I had in my Martial Arts practice.

I was wrong.

I stood at the bottom of a very large set of stairs. I was nervous and anxious. Here I was this “non boxing guy” about to enter the lions den. As I began the ascent up the stairs into my first boxing gym, I heard it – that rhythmic and hypnotic ‘fwip fwap’ that only a jump rope can make and it was love at first sound.

Today I am a USA Boxing Certified Boxing Trainer/Coach, a USA Boxing Amateur Athlete in the Master Boxer Division and A certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach (Rock Steady is designed to help those fighting Parkinson's). I am also a certified Movement INTELLIGENCE Coach through the UK based Applied Movement Neurology Organization and I am a certified Animal Flow instructor - both of these certifications have complimented my Parkinson's Boxing program and training of seniors. My Animal Flow certification has been instrumental in the creation and design of programs for children/teens with Autism and special needs. these movements have also added to training tricks with amateur boxers and those I teach with an eye towards MMA.

I have been involved in boxing and Martial Arts for well over 2 decades. I have taught in and continue to teach in some of the greatest gyms all over Massachusetts including The Minute Man Boxing Club at Hanscom Air Force Base, The Ring Boxing Club, Boston Boxing & Fitness, Nolan Brothers Boxing and Everybody Fights (by George Foreman III)

I have an absolute love and passion for boxing as a form of fitness, as a sport and as something more than the sum of it's parts. I see it as something for everyone.I believe the specific movements, shapes and the intangibles of boxing can change lives. I believe boxing can be mentally and physically THERAPEUTIC - for me, in this moment, boxing is Zen.

I have trained all different levels of skills and ages – from the 8 year old learning how to throw a punch, the 19 year old hot shot looking to be the next Tyson and I’ve trained the 26 year old looking to simply have some fun and get fit. I've trained people in walkers and in wheelchairs. I've done the ring walk and worked the corner of the 33 year old having her first amateur boxing match and I've helped the 39 year old mother of 2 trying to get back into shape. I’ve helped that 44 year old, that 60 year old, that 72 year old get active, get into great shape and know what it's like to "Train Like A Boxer".

I've been very fortunate to be able to run group and individual bag/fitness classes as well as sparring classes and I've been privileged to train some amazing people for amateur boxing competitions and have helped them to discover and uncover their superb talents. I have Also had the amazing PRIVILEGE to train Parkinson's patients and couldn't be prouder to be in their corner and help them take back their lives and fight back!

I also enjoy helping new coaches and new trainers find their way and Their style in training boxers, and I’ve done some work/seminars for and with USA Boxing.

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for an article in the Huffington Post

Back in 2013 I was thrilled to be interviewed and featured on WCVB TV's Chronicle

In 2021 I was interviewed by Arlington TV's TALK OF THE TOWN about Rock Steady Boxing, Parkinson's and how boxing can help

Todd Buster Paris